THE JEWEL a parable


There once appeared a unique and beautiful jewel.

The jewel had such a pure, bright light that it could shine through walls…and everybody near and far saw it and wondered at its rays.

Some simply chose to bask and delight in its brilliance; others wanted to understand the jewel, and diligently sought to dissect and label it.  Still others were blinded because the light was too bright for them, and tried only to douse it.

Then there were those so attracted to the light that they were compelled to throw themselves and add upon it, ultimately only selfishly serving to distort it.

The beautiful jewel sadly began to retract its rays one by one…until the circle of its path grew very small…and the light dimmed.

Those dissecting and labelling closed their books.

Those who had been blinded removed their dark glasses.

Those who added upon it continued with reckless abandon.

And many of those who had simply delighted in its light wondered where it had gone.

Perhaps those closest to the jewel didn’t realize how precious it was.

The jewel still exists; I believe the light of its energy still simmers.

PERHAPS some day the jewel will shine once more in its full brilliance, and we will all take joy in it.


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