“YOU’RE IN THE DOG HOUSE” and Other Sayings


This is not Prince and me–this is my niece–a timeless tale, is it not?.

I should be so lucky.

Why is it that we use this phrase to instill fear and convey to the recipient that he/she is in deep trouble for some misdeed?  Personally, I find dog houses to be happy, friendly places….ok, hairy, but happy.

I made one of my very first friends in a dog house.  Prince, the white Lab who lived next door, shared his space with me quite willingly; your typical wooden house with shingle roof.  As a toddler I would wander over and visit him regularly, and he was always the perfect host.  Yes, I would crawl in with him and we had the loveliest times together.

The conversation between my parents probably sounded something like:

“Where has Shari gone to this time?  I only turned my head for a second…”

“Did you check Prince’s dog house?”

Another saying I don’t get is “up the creek without a paddle”.  This only conjures up fear if you WOULDN’T016 like to float along on a lovely stream and just let the current take you and your canoe or kayak wherever it wants to.  That would actually be an interesting experiment, would it not; a “leave-your-paddles-at-home” day?

As a nurse, if you REALLY want to scare me, just tell me as I come on duty that “We have no  nurse’s aide tonight”, or “We are working one (or two) nurse/s short .“   These are the words that will leave you weak in the knees.

I’ll end with “gone to the dogs”, used to describe someone who has supposedly failed at something.  Dogs DO get a bad rap, don’t they?  Dogs are actually very wonderful creatures, and “going to them” always seems like a good idea to me.005


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